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Hourly Employees / Non-Exempt

Welcome to the RRISD Team!

Whether you are only new to your role or whether you are also new to Round Rock ISD, there is much to learn. This Onboarding Guide will help you transition more successfully by avoiding the pitfalls that can commonly derail employees going through the change.

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Before You Arrive

See information on things Before You Arrive that are useful in the earliest days.  Find out more about your New Hire Orientation Session here.

Acronym List 

Central Admin. Directory (IF you will be working in Central Administration, a Central Admin. Directory will be found on your Computer Desktop and is searchable and sortable. It also contains staff pictures that will help you get to know everyone.)

Workplace (Request an invite from your supervisor. This is a Facebook like INTERNAL only medium to allow RRISD staff to share ideas.)                                   

Important Things to Review

Questions?  Contact us!

Kristina Snow                                                      Director of Talent and Leadership Dev., Human Resources Services                          512-464-5143                                    Kristina_Snow@roundrockisd.org

If You Are New to RRISD, Get to Know More About Your New Organization