Welcome to RRISD Administration Team! 

Whether your new leadership role is a move within your existing school or it requires you to join a new school, there is much to learn.  Some of you are even new to RRISD. Our Onboarding Program will help you transition more successfully by avoiding the pitfalls that derail so many leaders going through the change. 

Navigate through this portion of the website to get access to tangible steps you can take throughout your first year in your new role and possibly with RRISD to help you feel connected and get timely information. Please remember to consistently check in with your Area Superintendent to ensure that you have completed all of the necessary training and requirements for your position. 

VIDEO TRAINING FOR NEW PRINCIPALS-  “Navigating the New Hire Onboarding Site  (15 minutes) –  Reviews the use of this New Hire Onboarding Site for Principals

Supports in Place for You

What is Happening Behind the Scenes?  (overview of things that begin to happen behind the scenes by multiple people to help you transition into your new role)

Ongoing Support

Online Guides

Guide for New Principals (month by month to-do list) 

Principal Year At-A-Glance Checklist

Training Guides for New Principals

Onboarding Stages for Principals 

Before You Arrive

The First Year

Phase 1:  Welcome-  Summer

Phase 2:  Students First-  September

Phase 3:  Collaboration- October

Phase 4:  Fun- November/ December

Phase 5:  Accountability- January/February

Phase 6:  Equity- March/ April

Phase 7:  Reflection- May/ June


Principal Role Definition

District Systems Resources

Acronym List

Central Admin. Directory (Found on your Computer Desktop and is  searchable and sortable. It also contains staff pictures that will help you get to know everyone.)

Leadership Weekly (This is an email communication sent out weekly to all campus and district administrators with important timely information and due dates.)

Intranet Site (Found on your Computer Desktop.  It contains many links organized by area, and past Leadership Weekly communications can be found here.)

Workplace (Will receive invite from the Director of Talent and Leadership Development. This is a Facebook like INTERNAL only medium to allow RRISD staff to share ideas.)

Questions?  Contact us!

Kristina Snow                                                                                                Director of Talent and Leadership Development, Human Resources– 512-464-5143,