General Questions

How do I get a replacement badge? Contact Michelle_Barrera@roundrockisd.org

How do I access my RRISD email and computer? Contact your campus ITS or see Administrative Asst. at Dept. Office if non-campus employee

How can I view RRISD’s employee policies? 2018-19 Employee Handbook

Who do I contact regarding compensation?

Exempt Employees (Teachers, Administrators) Christen_Gray@roundrockisd.org

Non-Exempt Employees (Para Professionals, Auxiliary, Hourly) Kerry_Alexander@roundrockisd.org

How do I update my Certification or Education Status? TEA

What are the CPE requirements? Texas Administrative Code

Where can I find information regarding policy? RRISD Board Policy Manual

How can I learn more about leadership opportunities in RRISD? Leadership and Talent Development

Where can I find the Compensation & Service Calendars? Compensation & Service Calendars


Contact the Benefits Department with benefit, leave of absence or verification of employment questions at benefits@roundrockisd.org


What is TRS, and when do I qualify? Teacher Retirement System

How can I find out more about Deferred Compensation plans that are available? Deferred Compensation Plans


Who should I contact with Payroll questions? Ensure you have access to the Employee Self Service information that has your personal information regarding payroll, request time off, W-2 information

How do I find out more information regarding payroll?  Read the Guide to Payroll Matters

When will I get paid? Payroll Schedules

Employee Leave

How do I request a leave of absence?  Leave of Absence

How do I request a substitute? Absence Management